Conscious Failure

So, I sent my dear fiancée half of the book. I could maybe have made it but there is a thing with writing that should never be neglected: You need to be in the zone.

I could have thrown that missing scene together – it is not a key scene, but it contains an important description. I could have edited the rest of the book last night for the most part. But I was not able to elevate myself to that mental level that you need, if you want to write something truly good or make useful edits.

I wrote a small bit (that I am not happy with) for NaNoWriMo instead – I feel I should write as often as I can, even if it ends up in the trash. The NaNoWriMo project is just a first draft and a completely different theme, style, language and feeling. However, I could not have written anything that was seriously supposed to be sent out for evaluation.

So I very consciously decided not to write on my pet project yesterday. Let’s call this “failing consciously“. This feeling may be the same consciousness that you need to realize that a scene you wrote is crap and consequently delete it, even if it has 3,000+ words. It’s part of the writing process and as long as it does not persist, it is at least not a writer’s block.



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